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JoJo at the Dollar Mountain Lodge in Sun Valley, Idaho

A.K.A. ``JoJo Jet-Ski``

JoJo is special. Her life in the U.S. got off to a very rough start. When I went to pick her up at the KLM Air Freight terminal at Seattle’s SeaTac Airport in November of 2010 I was informed that they did not have a puppy from Scotland. Her connecting flight from Amsterdam had been cancelled and no one bothered to inform me. By the time I was able to get her rebooked and she arrived, this 10-week-old puppy had been locked in a crate for 31 hours!

“The sweetest dog I’ve ever met.”
— Everyone who has ever met her

To say that she was traumatized would be an incredible understatement. She has never been campaigned, but became a great travel companion, mom of three litters, and a wonderful gundog who, at age 12, still finds, flushes, and retrieves wild pheasants with the best of them!

“Clarburgh Art was one of the most influential sires of all time.”
— UK Gundog Training Forum

JoJo was whelped in Fife, Scotland and is line bred back to EFTCh Clarburgh Art who is her grandsire on both sides.

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