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Special People

The Gove's

John and Patsy Gove own Keeper’s sire, a handsome boy named “Frankie” that they imported from Dave Templar’s kennel in Bristol, England. At John’s suggestion we decided to breed Frankie to JoJo, and Keeper was one of seven boys whelped in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2016.

Gary Riddle
Keeper's Trainer

Gary Riddle, of Rockey’s Kennel in Clarkston, Utah, has been Keeper’s trainer since the spring of 2020. He has patiently brought Keeper along, developing him into an exciting, consistent competitor at the highest levels that is a pleasure for either of us to handle in any field trial.

Amelia Greene
Handling Coach

Amelia Greene, of Bad Habit Gundogs, has had a soft spot for Keeper since she first saw him. She handled him in the 2020 National Amateur Championship. Amelia has graciously worked with me to make me a better handler during the winters I’ve spent at her St. Jo, Texas facility.

Jayce Gorder
Friend Extraordinaire

Jayce and I share a remarkable friendship and have since 2009. Our adventures have taken us to British Columbia, Alberta, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Before my knee surgery in 2019, Jayce handled Keeper in every event and won his first field trial ribbon in Milo, Alberta in 2018.

Dr. Jim McCreedy

I first met Jim in Kalispell, MT in 1999. He wanted a puppy from a nice female I had. One thing led to another and soon Jim was mentoring me and my two Springers. He and Donna hosted me at their Highwood, MT home more times than I could possibly count. Two very gracious people!

Jayde Roth
The Puppy Girl

I call Jayde “The Puppy Girl”. She has helped me raise every litter of puppies since 2010 when she was just 11 years old. Jayde also help me start “Tanner”, a puppy I later sold to Dr. Jeff Miller that became a 4-time US & Canadian National Champion and Bird Dog Hall of Fame inductee.

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