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We do not have any litters planned in the foreseeable future however we are connected with several of the finest breeders from locations all over the United States and Canada. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we will make every effort to put you in contact with a reputable breeder close to your location.

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JoJo’s Easy Keeper is a stunningly handsome, highly talented black & white all British-bred English Springer Spaniel with an impeccable pedigree. His sire was imported from Bristol, England and his dam from Fife, Scotland.

At the age of two Keeper won his second ever all-age trial in a field of 31 dogs in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also qualified for the 2020 Canadian and US National Amateur Springer Spaniel Championships.

About Us

Bill Brockett has been training and field trialing retrievers and spaniels since 1966. During his time on the White House Military Staff he trained President Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever named “Liberty” and was the youngest personal advisor to the president at the age of twenty-four.

Since 2003 all of Bill’s Springers have been imported from Great Britain or are direct descendants of those dogs. The British dogs all seem to have a “proper” disposition with an “on/off” switch as they move from their thrilling field work to their quiet, calm house or kennel demeanor.

JoJo’s Easy Keeper is our current stud dog and is also active on the North American field trial circuit. Whelped in 2016, he is qualified for the 2020 National Amateur Championships in both the U.S. and Canada. Keeper spends the spring and fall with his pro trainer, Gary Riddle of Rockey’s Kennel in Clarkston, Utah, the summer in Montana and the winter flushing pheasants galore for upland hunting club members in southern and central California.

Keeper’s hips are OFA good, elbows OFA Normal, and his CERF and PFK exams will take place in the fall of 2020. We also test for Brucellosis prior to each breeding. Stud fees are the equivalent of the cost of one puppy or pick of the litter. We guarantee at least three healthy puppies at seven weeks or we provide a free repeat breeding. 

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The White House

On July 1st of 1974, Army Specialist Bill Brockett was assigned to the White House Communications Agency — one month and nine days before the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Bill is believed to be the only person, living or dead, to personally witness the resignation speech from inside the Oval Office, Mr. Nixon’s farewell address to the White House Staff the following morning, the Nixon’s helicopter departure from the South Lawn, and the swearing in of Gerald Ford in the East Room — all within just 16 unforgettable hours.

By October of that year Bill had taken on the additional volunteer job of training the president’s Golden Retriever, Liberty, and soon became a trusted unofficial personal advisor to President Ford.

Learn about (and pre-order) Bill’s soon to be published book about his White House experiences entitled “Follow The Yellow Line” by visiting www.Inside-The-White-House.com.

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