Ponderosa June at a Calgary field trial
Clay Bradley and his wonder dog "June"

Our Puppy Buyers Guarantee

Ponderosa June at 6 weeksUpdated May, 2010

We offer a 100% replacement guarantee on all of our puppies to the original owner(s). This guarantee is non-transferable.

Our puppies tails are docked to field length, dewclaws removed and first shots and dewormings are provided. General health is guaranteed for 30 days if your vet examines the puppy within 7 days of delivery and puppy vaccinations and dewormings are continued as recommended by your vet.

Our breeding dogs are certified free of congenital defects including hip dysplasia, PFK, and are brucellosis free. Your puppy is guaranteed free of congenital defects up to 12 months of age. If any disorders occur, we will replace your puppy with a new one from a future litter of similar breeding. Airfare or other transportation costs, registration fees, and all other associated costs are the responsibility of the new owner. We do require that your defective puppy be spayed, neutered, or euthanized if necessary and that we receive veterinary certification verifying this before a replacement puppy is provided.

Temperament and desire to hunt are covered for the first year. Please contact us immediately if you begin to notice either of these problems in your puppy. Any puppy exhibiting behavioral problems or a lack of hunting desire must be returned to us for evaluation at the owner’s expense. No replacement will be made if we determine the issues to be man caused. We reserve the right to place these puppies in a new home with no compensation to the original owner if the situation warrants.

This guarantee applies only to puppies born at our kennel and is void for any dog that has been used for breeding or if ownership has transferred.