About Ponderosa Springers

Bill Brockett has been raising and training field trial and hunting dogs since 1966, beginning while in high school at Warcon Kennels in Descanso, California. During the late 1960's Bill ran several Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in field trials all over the western United States. In 1972 his dog, Chessie Cocoa Nut, was the national high point Chesapeake derby dog, also winning the American Chesapeake Club's Specialty Field Trial near Napa, California.

In 1974 Bill began training, breeding and procuring dogs for President Gerald Ford and the first family while a member of the White House military staff. Bill oversaw the breeding and delivery of nine puppies in the White House residence by the President's Golden Retriever, Liberty, in 1975.

Today Bill enjoys living and working in western Washington which he often refers to as "God's Country". Special treats include fly fishing, pheasant hunting, field trialing in both the U.S. and Canada, raising the occasional litter of world-class field bred English Springer Spaniel puppies.

Bill makes a special effort to match personalities of his puppies with the needs and desires of the new puppy owners. Keep in mind these are high energy, field bred dogs that require plenty of exercise every day! All puppies are guaranteed against congenital defects and lack of hunting desire.